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We help innovative healthcare companies
drive meaningful results through digital marketing

Find out how our results driven digital marketing can help you grow your brand or patient audience.

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Creative services that make us different

Reach. Engage. Mobilize.

Leverage key online channels and technologies to effectively reach, engage and mobilize your customers - whether they are HCPs or Patients and/Caregivers.

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Messaging in the digital world

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Whether it's through email, websites, video etc. we specialize in capturing our client stories and delivering it into a compelling digital experience for their customers. Let us show you how.

Measure. Analyze. Decide.

Clear and simple insights to provide you with a better understanding of your audience's experience online and how it may impact their offline behaviours.

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What our clients are saying

"We have been thrilled with the work we have done with Oromo.  Ken and Yakob are professional, experienced and refreshingly down to earth and easy to work with. The outcomes have been fantastic with more traffic to our site than seen through our other sources."

Anne Swan

Global Project Lead, EpiCX - Roche

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