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Online Patient Research

Rapidly reach patients and remove assumptions.

Discover how WELLTIGO can work for your brand.


Get a fundamental understanding of patient journeys while removing assumptions and blind spots.

Real Time Patients

Instead of relying on old patients databases, WELLTIGO uses a proprietary process to rapidly find patients in real time.

Insight Report

Through our advanced analytics, an actionable insights report is created so you know exactly what to do with the results. This is where the magic happens.

Scientific surveys

Scientific research surveys using both qualitative and quantitative questions are created. QHub is comprised of a proprietary database of questions to select from. 

Affordable Rapid Reach

Whether you are a large brand or a small brand with limited budget and time, WELLTIGO is for you. Results in 2 weeks for under $20K.

Actionable insights on a budget

"With limited budget and time, I needed patient insights to help shape a tactic specific to my patient segment.

The success of Welltigo led me to repeat this in another therapeutic area to validate global patient journey work. The results were equally impressive, timely and on budget."

Jill Anderson
Senior Product Manager,
AbbVie Canada

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