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Podcast Episode 2: Big Pharma to Innovative Startup - How to manage the transition

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

In this episode, we explore the opportunities and challenges of making the shift from big pharma to an innovative startup. We sat down with Anne Swan, President and General Manager of Sprout Pharmaceuticals in Canada, to get a inside perspective on the transition.

More About Anne Swan

Anne Swan is the President and General Manager of Sprout Pharmaceuticals in Canada. Anne spent almost 30 years in big pharma with the last 10 of them at the VP level at Roche. She has had a successful and progressive career in sales and marketing across all product phases and has time spent in both Canada and the Uk. She is passionate about working in healthcare and about the development of those around her. She is driven by challenge and change and is excited by new and different areas of business. When not at work she can be found renovating houses and hiking canyons.

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29 okt. 2019

Great podcast Anne, Yacob and Ken. I enjoyed listening and hearing about Anne's journey to GM. Love the comment that curiosity is a cornerstone of success. Congratulations.

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