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Podcast Episode 5: Roche's Approach to Innovation

In this episode we sit down with Michael Duong to talk about Roche’s approach to innovation. Michael is the Head of Innovation for Hoffmann-La Roche Limited across all of its Canadian divisions, including Roche Pharmaceuticals, Roche Diagnostics, and Roche Diabetes Care.

Michael also leads the Roche Innovation Hive – which is the creative space where the future of healthcare is being imagined and co-created between Roche and its external partners.

Michael is also co-founder and Chair of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Personalized Healthcare Innovation Network which is a not for profit corporation representing a consortium of members from both public and private sectors focused on the acceleration of personalized healthcare for Canada.

More About Michael Duong, Ph.D.

Michael received his undergraduate degree in Biology and Pharmacology and a Ph.D. in Medical Sciences with a specialization in Neuroscience, both from McMaster University.

Connect with Michael Duong on LinkedIn.



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