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Reach. Engage. Mobilize.

In the digital world, customer reach, engagement and mobilization offers many options. The “If you build it, they will come mentality” doesn't work.  At the Oromo Digital Group, our proven and powerful 3SIXTY Digital Marketing Strategy successfully utilizes key online channels and technologies to effectively reach, engage and mobilize your customers-whether they are HCPs or patients and caregivers.


Our 3SIXTY Digital Marketing Strategy

Oromo’s proprietary digital marketing approach that reaches all customers (HCP’s, patients/caregivers) at all possible points of digital contact.

The tools we use:

  • 3SIXTY Brand Strategy

  • WELLTIGO Patient Research

  • NGage Awareness Campaigns (patient/caregivers/HCPs)

  • ListBuildR HCP email address capture (CASL compliant)

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Display Marketing

  • Oromo's very own NurTure email campaigns (Certified email automation specialists - salesforce, VEEVA, Marketo)

  • Website design and development

  • Animation

  • HCP Journeys

  • Patient Journeys

Program Highlight:

Patient Awareness Campaigns

Oromo Patient Awareness campaigns are created to reach the right audience, engage and then mobilize them to seek treatment from their physician.

We help you find your patients online and build high quality digital experiences to drive your desired behaviour.


patients identified through online screeners


engaged through email to seek help

Why focus on patients?

In today's digitally powered world, well informed patients are critical to the success of any brand.  They are more informed and empowered than ever before. 

“....Patients have proven they can understand science when they are presented with facts in a clear and transparent way….Don’t underestimate the public!”

Audience, a third party organization, conducted over 40 interviews from 10 big pharma companies and found they all considered the patient as key element to their success.


* average open rate for patient email engagement plan

See Why Leading Pharmaceutical Companies Choose Us For Digital

From massive audience groups to extremely niched communities, Oromo builds digital marketing plans that fit your business objectives and budget. 
We'd love to show you real examples of how we've used digital to provide measured results.

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